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Ayais Fine Chemicals Ltd. take the advantage of raw material business,mainly manufacture and supply skin care,hair care,toiletries and other fine chemicals product chemicals cleansers etc. from China.

body oil , bath oil, baby oil,massage oil,aromatic massage oil

fruit acid peel,hyaluronic acid moister,Glycolic Peel Kits,Lactic Peel Kits

Vitamine A,B,C,K,skincare serum.

skin care,beauty care,personal care,bath and body lotion,bath salt,shampoo etc.

fog/haze/smoke fluid/oil/liquid,cutting board oil,banana spray oil ,Engine oil ,Lubricant oil etc


As the raw material (ingredient) manufacturer,Ayais Fine Chem also supply white mineral oil,liquid paraffin,liquid vaseline,silicone oil,glycolic acid solutions, hydroxyacetic acid crystaline & sodium glycolate salts,glycerine,hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate),collagen,amino acid and grape seed oil,camellia oil ,jojoba oil,white germ oil,almond oil,rose hip seed oil and other vegetable oil and essential oils,rose oil,rosemary oil,lavender oil,tea trea oil,green tea extract,rosemary extract,aloe vera extract,seaweed extract and other herbal extract and essences,natural color,Vitamines A,B,C,D,E,K,P,and from China.

As the cosmetics & pharmaceutical raw material vendor,Ayais also take the advantage to develope and supply the most cost-effective cosmetics and skincare products with high quality from China , We welcome the clients to OEM the skin care products,other than these we also provide the packing material which used for our products.

Baby Oil, message oil,aromatic oil,analgesic balm,skin oil,body oil,vitamin A,vitamin B,vitamin C,vitamin E,vitamin K,vitamin P, skin care,rosemary extract,aloe vera extract, seaweed extract,collagen,amino acid, hyaluronic acid,sodium hyaluronate,fog fluid,mineral oil,white oil,liquid paraffin,vaseline oil,Synonyms: Paraffin oil; Heat-treating oil; Hydraulic oil; Oil mist, refined mineral, severely refined; hydrocarbon solvent ; Mineral oil ; liquid paraffin;; hydrocarbon oils;Petroleum hydrocarbons; paraffin oil ; petrolatum, liquid; aromatic; paraffinic; Electrical Insulating Oil; hydroxyacetic acid, glycolic acid,Vitamine E,tocopheryl acetate,retinol,tretinoin,retinoate alpha hydroxy acid, organic acid ,fruit acid, lactic acid , hydroxyacetic acid 99.9%, 99.5%, 99%, 70%, 60%, 50%, 40%, 30%, 25%, 20%,15%, 10%,Ayais,baby lotion,baby cream,baby message oil,body oil,moisture oil,bath oil,baby message lotion,baby message cream,baby message liquid,baby message gel,baby message ointment,cleaner,cleanser,toiletries,detergent,soaps,beauty,health care,skin care,hair care,nail care,wrinckle remover,wrinckle filler,anti-aging,fine lines,camellia oil,grape seed oil,rose oil,lavendor,Chamomile,herbal,plant oil,nature,calendula,Soy bean oil, Jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil,Olive oil,rose solution,lavender oil, green tea extract,rosemarry extract,seaweed marine extract,aloe vera extract. green tea extract,tree oi., ,stretchmark,vitamin serum,UV/A , and UV/B,ELASTIN,DMAE,ALPHA LIPOIC ACID,ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-AH3 (ARGIRELINE),ʤ-3,,DMAEDimethylaminoethanol(װҴ)ļƣӢּΪDeanol,aloe vera gel,gel extract barbadensis
Peptide,øQ10 Coenzyme Q10

Ӥ,Ӥͣͣ¶,,Ħ,Ħ,ĦͣỻỤסƳ塢۷ȥƤ.ȥƤ¶,ʴỻҺ,׾¶,ֲᆱ,ˮ,Ҵ,ʴ,ǻ,,ʯ,ƻ,,ᣬȡ,͸,άرݣάCάC¶άCɹ޸άE徫άA,άB,άC,άE,άK,άP,ഺ,,,,¶,õ廨ˮ,õ崿¶,ˮ,ױˮˮ¶,Һ,,ֲ,õ,ɺɰ,Ͳ,,,,¼,Сѿ,,,֥,ɿ,,,«,«,㾫,,̲,ˮ,ˮ,,¶,㾫,ֲͣᆱͣ,˽ ,ϰ˽(ֳ㣬Staranise),Basil Oil , Michelia alba oil,Michelia leaf oilҶLavender OilѬ² Basil Lemon Bergamot Oil ָ ,Lime Oil ķ Chamomile Oil ʾ Lemongrass Oil é(ʲ) Citronella Oil Marjoram Oil Cajeput Oilǧ Melissa Oil Cardamom Oilޢ Mountain Savory Oil Ұβ, Clove Oil,Clove Bud Oil㻨,Mandarin Oil Cypress Oil ˿ Mugwort Oil Eucalyptus Oil ȼ Oregano Oil ţ Frankinsence Oil Orange Oilt Grapefruit Oil Patchouly Oil Goldenrod Oil Peppermint Oil Geranium OilҶ,ÿ Ravansara Oil ɳҶ Hyssop Oilţϥ Rose Oil õ Jasmine Oil Rosemary Oil ԵSage Oil β, Ylang Ylang Oil ˮ Ginger Oil ,Neroli OilȻ,Sandalwood Oil ̴㾫, Alutinosum Oil ,Pine Oil ,Juniperberry Oil ,Benzoin Oil Ϣ ,Myrcia Oil ¹,olibaunm Oil ,Cedarwood Oil ľ,Tree moss oil ̦,Angelica Oil ,Tangerin Oil Wintergreen Oil Spearmint Oil ,Cinnamon Oil,Cinnamon flower Oil ,Thyme Pil ,Vetier Oil ,Wormwood OilҶ,Myrrh Oil ûҩ,Majoram Oil,Rose Wood Oilõľ Pennel Oil С,Nutmeg Oilⶹޢ,Elsholtzia OilX,Magnolia Officainalis Oil,Osthole Oil ߴ,Agar Oil, õ,ݼ͡õ͡͡«͡յ͡黹,ܲѾ,ɽc,ɽӣȩ,ƾ,,ϸҶ㾫,,ƴ,۲ͣ󣩡ܾݴͣ󣩡ͣ󣩡ݪͣ͡󣩡«͡͡Ѭ²ͣ󣩡ʲࡢͣ͡󣩡͡͡*㾫ͣؾ,¡ؾ,ؾ,ʵ,ݾ,徫,龫,ʾ,,徫,ξ,,ˮؾ,Ŷͷ,Ⱦ,Ѿ,,ȥ׾,ȥ̺۾,徫,ᆱ,ƾ,ë׾,,Ʒ,Ѭ,Ѭ,޹ԡ¶,ԡ,,,,DJ,,,ľ,ʳƷ,ƿװ,PE,PET,,Сװ,,,,ϸ,û,л,ױ,,,,,ҽҩҩԭ,,,ó,վ,,,Ƥ,,˰,ɫ,ڰ,ȸ,,ɹ,,,ALA,,,п,ɹ,SPF,,Ħ,˻,,ױ,ױ,ҽҩ,,ױˢ,۴,ഺ,,ڰ,ȸ,ƺְ,ɹ,,,ʿ,û,ԡ¶, ϴҺ,ϴ,,,,,Ӱ,۵Һ,Һ,˪,,ͣʯ,ʿ,Ҷ,,,,ʴ,,,,Ԫ,¹ͪ azone laurocapram , Allantoin. ı. ء5- ͪ. Ӣı. AlantanAllegronAlphosylAlyonyldiurenedCordianine EgopsorylSebical. Sodium Alginate,


antifreeze, cryoprotectant, freeze injury,engine coolant,Frostgard (FG). anti-ice ,blog,ͣʲôв͡ʲô˼йƹ㣬Ӫվ¼

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